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Our sucess as a law firm is the direct consequence of the expertise of each of our professionals

poletto & Possamai

Gladimir Poletto

Gladimir Adriani Poletto

OAB/PR 21.208


Ph.D Candidate, Visiting Scholar — Columbia Law School — New York (USA);


Fábio Possamai

Fábio José Possamai

OAB/PR 21.631


Law Degree at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUCPR);


Fabiana Maia

Fabiana Maia



Louvaine Locks

Louvaine Locks



Gustavo Martins -

Gustavo Martins



Liane Savi -

Liane Caroline Herrera Savi



Carlos Eduardo Santana

Carlos Eduardo Maranhão Santana

Genésio Silva Jr

Genésio Alves



Hélio Amaral

Hélio Gilberto Belfort Amaral



Iorhana Tozoni

Iorhana Maiara Aguilera Tozoni

Letícia Ferrarini

Letícia Ferrarini



Maria Eduarda Kormann

Maria Eduarda Kormann



Natalie Martins

Natalie Martins

Rafael Borg

Rafael Leonardo Borg



Rafael Santos

Rafael Vieira Vianna Santos



Camila de Lima

Camila Pretko de Lima



Igor Zarnicinski

Igor Maestrelli Zarnicinski





Igor Schutesky

Igor Schutesky





Rúbia Nascimento

Rúbia Plantes Nascimento






 I own my personal and professional development to this Law Firm, forged under challenging experiences, lots of hard work and lots of perspiration.  On the other hand, I also believe that my being in the Law Firm has contributed a lot to the company’s progress, be it through direct participation in important issues or be it related to my involvement with internal improvement projects, in establishing good relationships with clients and with the team, which I intently observed changing and growing.

Fabiana Meira Maia

Partner. Manager of the firm’s Advisory team since January 2013

The firm invests heavily in its lawyers' development

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