Who we are


We are a multifaceted corporate law firm, structured to serve our clients in several areas of law, in a coordinated and integrated manner. Throughout our 27 years, we believe that the practice of law is consolidated by means of an ethical, effective and safe performance.

We are prepared to offer multidisciplinary and customized legal solutions, with a constant investment in information technology, to ensure that these solutions are guided by precision, efficiency, and responsibility.

With an extremely dynamic structure and constant investments in technological resources, all cases entrusted by our clients are registered in an integrated information management system, which enables real-time follow-up of the actions taken by the lawyers and a strict and reliable procedural control, which allows us to provide legal services in a personalized and innovative way. The scope of our structure and the high performance of our legal team allow us to serve companies of the most diverse sizes and social objects in an individualized manner, with agility and efficiency. The client portfolio is composed of Brazilian and foreign companies linked to various sectors of the economy, with a main focus on the insurance and infrastructure markets.

We have an Innovation and Technology area, whose mission is to encourage the development and research of methodologies that can promote and support actions that contribute to the advancement of our legal solutions.

Our legal team consists of professionals with proven professional experience that operates in departments created according to their specializations, whether in the judicial or extrajudicial sphere, highlighting the following areas of expertise: Insurance and Reinsurance, Corporate Civil Law and Contracts, Corporate, Financial and Tax, Energy Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Mergers and Acquisitions, Foreign Investments, Estate Planning, among others.



  • Management model based on Corporate Governance;
  • Proven experience in insurance law and infrastructure contracts;
  • Experience in the standardization of procedures for optimization and management of corporate litigation, aiming at personalized service to clients;
  • Experience in the development and management of customized projects for the formulation of agreements in the corporate litigation portfolios.


Our structure is extremely dynamic. We constantly invest in updating and improving the legal body, technological resources, methods and IT solutions.

All cases entrusted to the firm are registered in an integrated information management system, which enables real-time monitoring of the actions taken by lawyers and strict and reliable procedural control, that allows us to provide legal services in a personalized and innovative way.

We have our own office located in the city of Curitiba – PR, as well as correspondents throughout the national territory and international partners, which allows us to respond to the demands of our customers quickly and effectively.

Our culture


“To generate value to clients and partners, through the prevention, elimination or mitigation of conflicts, uncertainties and legal risks associated with economic activity, contributing to improve society through the correct application of law.”


“Provide legal solutions in an effective, innovative, and result-oriented manner, through the practice of law of excellence.”


“To be a leading law firm on the world stage, recognized for the innovation and quality of the legal solutions presented in insurance law and related areas. To be at the forefront of Brazilian law when facing the changes and challenges of the international market.”

Commitment | Seriousness | Righteousness | Loyalty | P&P Team

Social Responsability

Pro Bono

In harmony with our institutional values, the firm believes in the importance of access to justice for all of society and sponsors pro bono demands, as a rule indicated by the employees and P&P partners. The criteria of need and vulnerability of the beneficiary(ies) are analysed in order to guarantee contribution to those who really need it, formalizing the service provision contract under the Pro-Bono regime. Demands are distributed internally and advised by our legal team, which are in line with the P&P culture to increasingly promote social impacts.

Institutional Folder

Access our institutional folder to have a complete summary about our law firm and our practices.


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