Insurance Law

Insurance Law area of Poletto Possamai Sociedade de Advogados promotes legal advisory and consulting services specialized in the following activities:

  • Drafting and review of general conditions of insurance products and reinsurance agreements, in the drafting and review of general conditions of insurance products, requests for prior approval and approval of corporate acts before the Private Insurance Superintendency (“SUSEP”), as well as in the monitoring of the respective processes of approval next to the regulators agencies;
  • Assistance in the analysis and formatting of insurance policies;
  • Production of opinions with regard to regulatory aspects of the sector;
  • Integral Advice on buying and selling operations of insurers, reinsurers and insurance brokers and reinsurance as well as in the buying and selling of commercial portfolios, with coverage of all aspects of the transactions;
  • Assistance to economic groups in the creation of new enterprises in the insurance and reinsurance sector, including the creation of new insurers and reinsurers and their respective record before the regulator;
  • Assistance in mergers, incorporation and division of regulated companies;
  • Assistance in the process of adjustment and settlement of claims and representation in administrative, arbitral and judicial disputes involving insurance issues of diverse natures.
  • Acting as experts in claims adjustment of surety bond;
  • Legal advice in the negotiation and implementation of insurance guarantees;
  • International reinsurance;
  • Insurance audit;
  • Preparation of special insurance projects for economic and financial benefits by optimizing the relation risk/coverages/prize within the national and international scenario of the insurance institution.