Since its founding in 1995, the Law Firm Poletto & Possamai believes that the exercise of advocacy is consolidated through an ethical, effective and safe acting; to achieve the goal, it counts on the experience of highly qualified professionals willing to provide, in a personalized way, trusted and innovative legal solutions to their clients.

The dedication, seriousness, firmness and enthusiasm in the conduct of work determined its consolidation in the domestic market as Law Firm recognized by effective results and excellence in legal services provided.

Its structure is extremely dynamic, with constant investments in upgrading and improvement of its legal body, technological resources, methods and computer solutions.

All cases entrusted to the Firm are recorded in an integrated management system of information that enables real-time monitoring of the actions taken by lawyers and a hard and reliable procedural control, which enables it to provide legal services of custom and innovative mode.

We have own office in Curitiba-PR and correspondents throughout the country and international partners, which makes it possible to answer the demands of its clients with speed and efficiency.

The legal team consists of professionals with proven professional records and operates across departments formed according to the areas of expertise and with the demands made by its clients. As support to the legal work, the firm has a highly qualified administrative body.

For the achievement of excellence in the provision of legal services and the satisfaction of its clients the firm has the following competitive edges: (i) the management model based on Corporate Governance; (ii) proven experience in the area of insurance law, especially involving matters of high technical complexity, as well as the conduct and participation in processes of claims adjustment; (iii) proven experience in infrastructure contracts; (iv) experience in standardization of procedures for corporate litigation management and optimization to personalized service of clients and (v) experience in preparing and managing customized projects for formulating agreements in corporate litigation portfolios.

The comprehensiveness of its structure and the high performance of its professionals enables to serve companies of different sizes and social objects in an individualized manner, with agility and efficiency. The clients’ portfolio is formed by Brazilian and foreign companies linked to various sectors of the economy, with primary focus on the insurance market and infrastructure.

The cases of its clients, regardless of their size and legal complexity, are conducted with extreme zeal and dedication to form a collection of pioneering operations and highly successful decisions. The Office carries out advocacy in litigation and out-of-court; cautionary and advisory, encompassing a broad spectrum of legal issues among which we highlight the following areas: Insurance and Reinsurance, Corporate and Civil Law Contracts, Corporate, Financial and Tax Law, Energy, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Mergers and Acquisitions, Foreign Investment, Succession Planning, among others.

The performance based on strict observance of ethics, of the law, of the rules and regulations applicable to business, allied with the quality of its services and the satisfaction of its clients, determined a solid growth and effective action in legal matters of national and international relevance.

The reputation is the greatest asset of the Firm once it does not worry only in getting results, but on getting them down the path of absolute integrity, thus preserving professional relationships based on loyalty and good faith.

Poletto & Possamai – Legal solutions that generate results!