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Tax Law


The Tax Law team of the Poletto & Possamai Law Firm is composed of experienced lawyers, which offer solutions in the advisory and litigation areas for Brazilian and foreign clients.

In the litigation scope, we conduct judicial and administrative law suits of high complexity at the Federal, State and Municipal spheres, take preventive measures regarding tax litigation and its defenses and appeals against tax assessment notices, consults, petitions regarding tax overpayments, challenges, requirement of taxes due, issuance of writs of mandamus, declaratory actions, related acts.

In the advisory area, we provide tax advice in operations of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate reorganizations, projects structuration and joint ventures, and evaluation of tax contingencies.

Furthermore, we act in capital market transactions, including tax planning, and in international operations in which customs laws have great impact.

Moreover, our tax department conducts processes and negotiations related to the concession of tax incentives in several states and provides advice aiming at the tax regularity of our clients, including the adoption of administrative and judicial measures.


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