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Private and Business Law

The Poletto & Possamai Law Firm is experienced in dispute resolution, both in extrajudicial (advisory) and judicial litigation matters, with a staff of lawyers specialized in the defense of the interests of national and international companies. We have a wide presence in all courts and public agencies and can count on partners throughout the country.

Our lawyers have outstanding experience in the judicial litigation field, implementing dynamic strategies and working with multidisciplinary teams in strategic cases in order to safeguard our clients’ interests in the quickest and most effective way, all while taking preventive measures using negotiation tactics to achieve the best solution to the controversy.

Within our scope of judicial litigation and arbitration, some of our activities stand out:

  • Civil litigation, including contractual and non-contractual civil liability;
  • All Private and Business Law areas (focused on insurance law), such as contract law, corporate disputes, contractual and extracontractual civil liability;
  • Administrative and judicial litigation;
  • Wide presence in appeals courts;
  • Expertise in negotiating judicial settlements;
  • Civil Litigation on contractual and extracontractual civil liability;
  • Assisting in drafting, reviewing and negotiating civil, commercial and other contracts (sale of assets; turnkey construction agreement, insurance contracts and others)
  • Creating or reviewing terms and conditions of contracts;
  • Analyzing contracts and writing legal opinions;
  • Advising on negotiation and review of international contracts for national and international companies;
  • Dealing with a wide berth of contracts, such as sales, supply, distribution and commercial representation, transfer of technology and IP and content licenses;


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