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Ever since its foundation in 1995, the Poletto & Possamai law firm believes that law must be practiced ethically, effectively and safely. To that end, it relies on the experience of highly skilled professionals who can deliver, in a custom manner, reliable and innovative legal solutions to its clients

The dedicated, committed, steadfast and enthusiastic performance of its duties have consolidated its name in the national scene, as a firm whose effective results and excellency in services are widely acknowledged.

The structure of the firm is extremely dynamic, with constant investments and updates in its legal team, as well as its technological resources, methods and solutions.

Every case trusted to the firm by its clients is registered in an integrated information management system, which facilitates real time overview of the actions undertaken by the lawyers and a rigid and trustworthy control of ongoing lawsuits, allowing for custom and innovative legal services.

Headquartered in the city of Curitiba, state of Paraná, in southern Brazil, the firm also has correspondents spread out all across the country, as well as international partners who allow for expedited and effective answers to client demands.

Our legal team is composed of lawyers with proven experience, operating in departments formed according to the different areas of expertise and the demands of our clients. As a support to the legal work, the firm has an administrative team highly qualified to work in the legal environment.

To achieve excellency in its legal services and attain the standards of satisfactions from its clients, the firm has several competitive advantages which distinguish it: (i) a management model based on corporate governance; (ii) proven experience in insurance law, especially when it comes to highly complex technical matters, including the operation of claim adjustment procedures; (iii) proven experience in infrastructure contracts; (iv) proven experience in the standardization of procedures aimed at optimizing and managing corporate litigation, in order to provide custom services to clients; e (v) proven experience in the creation and management of custom projects intended to reach settlements within the scope of corporate litigation.

The range of its structure and the high performance of its professionals allow the firm to service companies of varied sizes and purposes, always in a custom manner, with agility and efficiency. The client portfolio is composed of Brazilian and foreign companies who do business in various economical sectors, with a main focus in the insurance and infrastructure markets.

The clients’ cases, independently of size or legal complexity, are conducted with extreme care and dedication, forming a history of pioneering operations and highly successful decisions by the courts. The firm practices law in and outside of courts, providing complementary advisory and litigation services within a wide range of legal matters, among which can be found: Insurance and Reinsurance; Private and Business Law; Contract Law; Corporate Law; Finances Law; Tax Law; Energy, Petroleum and Gas Law; Infrastructure Law; Mergers and Acquisitions; Foreign Investments; Succession Planning; among others.

Our practice is built upon a strict observance of ethics, statutes, rules and norms relating to the business. These elements, complemented by high quality services and client satisfaction, have resulted in our solid growth and effective action in legal matters with national and international relevance.

The firm’s reputation is our greatest asset, as we care not only for achieving results, but for achieving them along the path of absolute integrity, preserving our professional relations with a foundation of loyalty and good faith.

Poletto & Possamai – Legal solutions that generate results!


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Ever since its foundation in 1995, the Poletto & Possamai law firm believes that law must be practiced ethically, effectively and safely [...]
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Our structure is extremely dynamic. We constantly invest in updating and improving our legal team, technologic resources, methods and I.T. solutions. [...]
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