Expertise - Poletto & Possamai


Excellency in its services

The constant attention to the excellency in its services and consequent client satisfaction is what makes Poletto & Possamai a distinguished law firm.

Poletto & Possamai

Insurance market

Insurance law expertise, especially when it comes to highly complex technical matters, including the operation of claim adjustment procedures.

Proven experience

Practice of law acknowledged by the market, especially in the resolution of complex and high-risk conflicts, both in judicial courts and arbitral courts, with corporate litigation management tailored to service our clients in a custom manner.

Custom solutions

Customized projects aimed at reaching settlements in corporate litigation.

Result oriented

Proven experience in the creation and implementation of Business Law projects based on Law & Economics, always with a focus on results and client satisfaction.

Constant improvement

Management model based on corporate governance, with strategic planning developed alongside the INDG – “Instituto de Desenvolvimento Gerencial”, continuous implementation of projects for the development of our professionals and the firm’s management structure, as well as a constant investment in I.T.


Accredited network of professionals in every Brazilian state.

To achieve its goals, the firm does not skim on efforts to develop its members, nor on investments in I.T. or any other project, focusing instead on results.

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