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Corporate Law

Poletto & Possamai’s specialized area on Corporate Law provides legal guidance and advice on the following subjects:

  • Guidance in corporate acquisition projects, as well as in projects of consolidation, merger and corporate reorganization, as well as the complete structuring of transactions of stock ownership sales and assets transfer;
  • Drafting of alliance and joint-venture contracts and support to international corporate groups in the planning and undertaking of investments in Brazil, with special focus on large multinational corporate groups and Private Equity investment funds;
  • Legal guidance to administrators regarding commonplace corporate activities, such as consolidation, modification and reorganization, as well as orientation as to the best conduct in shareholders meetings, and also in board of directors’ meetings, and organization of corporate books;
  • Representation of clients while advising and defending the shareholders’ rights, and guidance regarding compliance to and development of rules that control the legal aspect of corporations;
  • Consolidation of corporations (publicly held corporations and privately held corporations) and limited-liability companies;
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts;
  • Representation of shareholders and their interests in the decision-making meetings of the Corporation or Company.


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